The Critics


“Underlying all his work is a strong sense of perspective, both structural and aerial, and an intellectual rigour in striving for the rightness of things, whether it be the precise tone of a shadow that must tone but not obscure, or the particular character of a dead twig against the lightening sky.”

Brian Sewell, Evening Standard


“He is the great poet of tranquillity: the sparseness of his paintings is at its most entrancing when he is summoning up the silence of a still lake, as a golden afternoon fades into evening…His paintings seem to gain a marvellous freshness and immediacy from the unmistakeable sense that here is a man painting precisely what he sees."

Philip Hensher, The Mail on Sunday


“Towne’s classic landscapes…always declare themselves as graphic entities, their mimetic potential subordinated to their evident artificiality, and their claim to objectivity submerged in the insistent subjectivity of Towne’s presence as draughtsman.”

John Murdoch, The Burlington Magazine


“These pictures are not a prophecy but they are a turning point – an unrepeatable one, because they hold in balance opposing forces that never achieved such equipoise again.”

Tom Lubbock, The Independent